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Sustainability pros transform building planning and sourcing with new platform launch

Project length
6 months
Team size
1,5 FTE development team

Prodikt, a startup in Sweden led by sustainability veterans, sought to create an entirely new platform connecting architects, building companies, and manufacturers to inform and facilitate building planning and sourcing based on sustainability decisions and requirements.

Prodikt used Noodl to build its entire application, handling and visualising complex data and calculations in a best-in-class consumer experience.

Enabling sustainble discision making

The complexity of underlying data required a deployed user experience (UX) able to clearly present and provide powerful tooling to multiple types of users. 

The platform offers architects and project managers a transformative approach to assessing sustainability data in a digital-first, customer-centric manner. This requires an attractive platform that is simple for a critical mass of manufactures to engage in.

Successful design and development of the platform, reflecting true market needs, can introduce a revolutionary way of planning building projects from a sustainability and public health perspective. This market opportunity is extremely fast moving due to new laws and regulations in the EU which demand significant environmental considerations when constructing new buildings. Prodikt helps to automate the creation of complex carbon footprint calculations and reports now legally required to proceed with these projects.

Continuous product design and development

Prodikt initially sought product development estimations from various technical consultancies, but was met with unduly expensive and lengthy estimations since there was no initial product specification.

Instead, by selecting Noodl as a unifying design and development platform, Prodikt was able to introduce a lean and iterative approach to product development with a weekly release cycle. This enabled the customer to progressively refine the product based on user, customer, and partner feedback. This continuous product design and development approach allowed for new business opportunities to be identified early, since Prodikt could test directly with manufacturer partners just weeks into the initiative.

“A few months ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed that we could have developed our product this quickly. Noodl has enabled us to get the high quality, modern product that the market requires.”

Daniel Olausson
Co-founder, Prodikt

A tailor-made user experience

The user experience could not be predefined through templates since it needed to be tailored to the context and users in the sustainability field. Using Noodl, a number of advanced and highly customised user interface components were created, crucial to visualising and interacting with data. This flexibility would not be as easily executed in other low-code platforms.

Prodikt has gained significant accolades from the building and sustainability industry for creating a leading and innovative platform - outpacing any alternatives in features and user experience.

Weekly releases towards end customers for feedback
First releasable iteration within 4 weeks
6 months from initial concepts to public release

Business challenge

Deploying new products and offerings in the building and planning segments is a complex endeavour. There are a vast number of players: architects, building companies, contractors, product manufacturers, subcontractors, sustainability consultants, and more.

Prior to Prodikt, making sustainability and health assessments of building projects has been extremely costly and time consuming, and the most crucial assessments can only be done when decisions are already made and impossible to change.

Traditionally, tracking the multitude of associated data with building product planning has been achieved through a mix of excel files combined with disparate, often non-standardized, sustainability and health risk documents.

By digitizing and standardizing these processes, critical building decisions, particularly when it comes to health and sustainability, can be made early in the design stage, rather than after the building planning or project is delivered.

Due to the complexity and breadth of users for the platform, combined with the complexity of the data, the development of the platform has to be done very close to the end users as well as to the underlying data needed to make the decisions. Hence click-through level prototypes have very limited value.

Solution challenge

With Noodl, Prodikt successfully launched a progressive web application (PWA) with an advanced backend. The customer experience includes multiple views, including experiences for project managers who are responsible for planning building projects, and one for manufacturers to enter and manage data around their product catalogues.

The database is easily searchable through the front-end experience and includes features to find and compare products and data with multiple views and visualisations, including the visualisation of sustainability data and health risks.

The user experience is highly dynamic and provides users the ability to rapidly and simply tweak their project plans and explore the impact of product choices in terms of things like CO2 and health certifications.

The underlying data model is highly customised to the customer needs and enables rapid searchability and calculations of the various health and environmental assessments.