AI-Assisted Low-Code.
Free & Open Source.

Build full-stack custom applications faster, orchestrate business assets,
and accelerate integration processes.

Noodl Startup

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Noodl's Open-Source
Era Begins

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Custom power you haven’t seen in low-code before

All for free and open-sourced

Build full-stack applications with exceptional control of your UX, backend and hosting, with the perfect mix of AI and low-code.

Visual development for faster iteration and collaboration

Customize any experience to perfection with no design limits

Work on frontend and backend in the same visual environment

Fast & Efficient Development

Jumpstart your projects with visual programming that offers same flexibility as code. 

Customization & Integration

Limitless customization options for ux and logic paired with robust integration capabilities.

Scalability & Control

Get full control over your stack. Integrate with any backend and database you like, or host Noodl’s backend Docker image to utulize built-in nodes

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“Noodl is just incredible, especially now with AI aided code to quickly make custom functions. I am not a coder, but i managed to build a full working app in a few weeks. Love it.”
Bjørn Karmann
Senior Designer
“Amazing tool, Low-code meets AI 🤯. The future is now! I've been using 🍜Noodl and the AI feature for a while now.”
John Ferreira
Product Designer, Social Entrepreneur
“When I get stuck with the code, Noodl AI can help me produce what's missing and debug the code block. It's the perfect compromise between a full-code IDE and the visual no-coding concept, better than any other platform I've tried (and I've tried them all).”
Richard Osborne
Web engineer, consultant & teacher
“It does require some code to be effective, but with the new AI features this should not be a blocker for non coders.”
Byron Hsu
Co-founder CTO, Paragon One
“By adding the AI feature, Noodl becomes an incredible product, accelerating every aspect of the development in many ways and more. One of the best tool & developer experience in the no-code & low-code ecosystem”
Guillaume Maison
CTO Freelance
“Best low code tool for ultra fast development and iteration - visual pleasing interface, responsive, fun.”
Arne Nostitz-Rieneck
“I have been closely following Noodl for some time now and have witnessed its remarkable growth, making it one of the most promising low-code tools available in the market.”
Nuno Poco
Marketing and Sales Tech Enthusiast
“I have been playing around with Noodl for the past year or so and I'm amazed by the platform's flexibility. Coming from other no-code/low-code tools I'm slowly making the transition to Noodl as the platform of choice for building my clients' apps.”
Thabo Makhobotloane
Shamfa Technologies


The Noodl ecosystem thrives on the ingenuity and commitment of its contributors. The broad spectrum of open-source collaboration powers the growth of the project, delivering enhancements, new features, and integrations that shape the future of low-code development.

To become a part of Noodl's journey, engage with us on GitHub and Discord. There, you'll find comprehensive guidelines that walk you through the process of cloning the repository, compiling from source, and managing issues effectively. Whether you're contributing to the core system, crafting custom nodes, or expanding our toolset, your contributions are invaluable in propelling Noodl forward.



Top 5 Questions

What’s the output of Noodl?

Noodl produces standard React web apps. The result is a Single Page Application that can be deployed by the user to any hosting provider, or deployed directly with the built in Cloud Services.

How does Noodl handle complexity at scale?

Noodl handles large projects with similar structures used with code. Noodl’s component concept is similar to functions and classes in code, and can be arbitrarily nested, e.g. one component can use another component. These can then be structured in “sheets” and folders that reflect the architecture of your application.

In addition to that you can create entire modules, a collection of components, that can be imported and shared between projects.

Can you build native applications in Noodl?

To build native apps with Noodl, we take a hybrid web app approach and leverage native container tools such as Cordova, but there are other approaches to get your native app as well. Read this guide for more info

How do I start learning Noodl?

Simply download Noodl and join our Discord community and start asking anything you like. We also urge you to use our Noodl video tutorials on our YouTube channel, and check out our documentation site for more guides, snippets, and tutorials.

What skill level is needed to get started with Noodl?

You don’t need to know any coding to get started with Noodl, but you should be open to developing some level of technical knowledge. We’ve had users as young as 8 years old and seasoned full-stack software engineers using the platform.