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Harness the power of AI accelerated low-code.

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Creative power you haven’t seen in low-code before

Visual development for faster iteration and collaboration

Customize any experience to perfection with no design limits

Work on frontend and backend in the same visual environment

Build any web app experience

Noodl is used by startups, agencies and enterprises, to bring user-centric ideas to market at remarkable speed, without any limits.

If you can think it, you can build it.

Marketing campaigns
Data heavy SaaS apps
Dashboard apps
Community apps
Product and marketplaces
Custom map experiences
Data visualization apps
Experimental Interfaces

Embrace the digital revolution with Noodl solutions.

Get world-class software results while cutting your vendor budget by 70%. We provide trusted solutions for software development, from project design to ongoing support and maintenance.

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We were amazed by the iteration speed that was unlocked by Noodl. It translated to quicker live experiments, velocity of development, and convenient updates of an MVP in 3 weeks.

Veronica Vicar
Founder, NEXT, GSK

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Deliver on your vision without compromise

Because of its node-based approach, Noodl gives you the same power and flexibility as code without the learning curve of classic coding. It’s optimized for creating apps where custom experiences, data control, features, and functionality matters. 

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Ready to turn your big ideas into apps?

Learn more about next gen software creators who use Noodl to turn their ideas into successful products.

"I have tried many different no-code tools, around 10. With Noodl we never hit the no-code wall. It is fun to use, and you are able to ship very fast.”
Grégoire Démogé, Co-Founder & CPO at Salesramp
“Noodl is clearly the future of development.”
Nathan Folkman, Sr. Director Software at Samsung
“Noodl allows our design team to level up with highly functional applications."
Himanshu Rohilla, Strategic Designer at Zenit Design

How GSK created its own quiz app to validate new innovation opportunities

GSK’s used Noodl to release digital consumer health apps for market testing with real users. Iteration speed being the most critical parameter.
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Salesramp automating and managing sales commission tool

Salesramp a SaaS tool for automating and managing sales commission built on Noodl goes from early MVP to 1.2M euro funding and product growth.
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See all case studies
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