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Top 5 Questions.

  1. What's the output of Noodl?
  2. How does Noodl handle complexity at scale?
  3. How do I start learning Noodl?
  4. What skill level is needed to get started with Noodl?

Getting started

What skill level is needed to get started with Noodl?

You don’t need to know any coding to get started with Noodl, but you should be open to developing some level of technical knowledge.

We’ve had users as young as 8 years old and seasoned full-stack software engineers using the platform. 

How do I start learning Noodl?

  1. Simply download Noodl and join our Discord community and start asking anything you like
  2. Use our Noodl video tutorials on our YouTube channel
  3. Check out our documentation site for more guides, snippets, and tutorials
  4. Contact us to talk about webinars, training, and more.

About the platform technology & model

What’s the output of Noodl?

Noodl produces standard React web apps. The result is a Single Page Application that can be deployed by the user to any hosting provider, or deployed directly with the built in Cloud Services.

Do I need to worry about performance?

Nope. Noodl performs just as fast as a standard React app.

How does Noodl handle complexity at scale, isn’t the visual model limited to smaller projects and applications?

Noodl handles large projects with similar structures used with code. Noodl’s component concept is similar to functions and classes in code, and can be arbitrarily nested, e.g. one component can use another component.

These can then be structured in “sheets” and folders that reflect the architecture of your application.

In addition to that you can create entire modules, a collection of components, that can be imported and shared between projects.

Can you build native applications in Noodl?

To build native apps with Noodl, we take a hybrid web app approach and leverage native container tools such as Cordova.

There are other approaches to get your native app as well, and if you’re interested please reach out to us.

Can Noodl be used with external web APIs?

Noodl has built in support for REST, GraphQL , MQTT and Websockets. Noodl can be extended with Javascript to support additional protocols, such as Protobuf.

What is Noodl Cloud Services?

Noodl has (optional) integrations with Parse Platform. It offers User Management, a database (MongoDB), file storage, cloud functions, and more.

Users can let Noodl manage the Parse deployment with just the click of a button, which deploys Parse Server to AWS, or handle the deployments themselves and point Noodl to their Parse Server.

Note that this is optional, users are free to use any back-end and still leverage Noodl for the front-end.

Using Noodl

Can I get my Figma / Sketch files into Noodl?

Most design tools have great asset exports and it’s simple to drag & drop these into Noodl.

Because of the complexities in advanced production software, the limited prototype exports from these tools aren’t suitable for direct export/import flows. However, the Noodl team is exploring some experimental approaches to enhance this toolchain.

How do I deploy an app?

One-click deploy gives you a deployment on a subdomain at https://noodl.app.
Or deploy to folder will give you a single-page application that can be hosted anywhere. Check out this video for an intro to one-click deployment.

Can I create local projects not stored on the cloud? 

Yes, you can create local projects. 

Can I edit my Noodl projects offline?

Not today, but it's coming.

Can a Noodl app run offline?

Not out of the box. But it’s been before - let us know if you’re interested.

Can I import React libraries to my Noodl project?

Yes, you sure can. 
It’s a little technical at the moment, but we have a guide to do so here.

I don’t see the module / integration I need in Noodl today. Can I create my own? 

Yes! Noodl is easily extensible. You’re free to create and share your modules as you like.Here’s a guide on how you can build your own.