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About Noodl

Noodl enable's designers, innovators, and developers to create powerful web apps with a low-code approach to visual programming. It is purpose-built to help explore and realise creative potential without limits.

Noodl apps are full-fledged web apps used from prototype to production by startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Helping build better products at:

Helping to build better products at:

Samsung - encoura - aws - dascena - snorble - Walmart - Prodikt

Just like design thinking transformed business and innovation thinking, design-driven low-code ensures every step of professional software creation can fully incorporate aspects of iteration, speed, user feedback, and experimentation. By putting control of production and release into the hands of the most innovative people on your team, development bottlenecks and handovers are no longer part of the equation.

- James Haliburton, co-founder and CEO

Our History

Our Noodl founding team has been working together for nearly 15 years. Previously, they were founders and technology and design leaders at a company that designed the Android platform for Google and shipped mobile UI software in over 1 billion devices, helping to define the mobile UX revolution.

Our Mission

Today, our mission is to empower an emerging generation of software creators to build and deploy visionary software without limits. Whether it's a student, designer or veteran developer, we will scale with their needs as their professional journey evolves.

Open Source Modules

Noodl is constantly being expanded which makes working with intergrations as easy as dropping a node.

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open source modules

We are Noodl

"I’m extremely proud of our growing Noodl team. They are truly passionate people who are empowering a new creative class to create powerful software."
James Haliburton
CEO, Co-Founder
"Today software is at the centre of any business. And Noodl shows that you don't have to be a coder to build amazing software."
Anders Larsson
Co-founder, Head of Product
“We're creating the tools that lower or even erase the threshold between design and software programming. What's not to love?”
Michael Cartner
Co-Founder, Principal Architect
"I love working on Noodl because I feel that we are helping more people be more creative. Creativity plus software creation... some people never dreamed that was a viable career. Now it's reality."
Mikael Tellhed
“It's exciting to know that we're helping a generation of creators to build a new set of lifelong skills.”
Johan Olsson
Software Developer
“Designing a platform for democratising how people create software is a truly worthwhile challenge.”
Tore Knudsen
Head of Design
"Technology evolves so fast that people need to be learning all the time. Noodl lets that you learn new tech and platforms, but without demanding that you use code. It's magic!"
Florencia Diniello
Design Technologist
“Noodl solves so many of the problems I’ve faced through the years in all my previous teams. I love being part of building a truly innovative tool that bridges disciplines, empowers new roles and break silos.“
Konstantin Aistre
Software Developer
“I love working on Noodl because I see so much potential unlocked in people to create amazing apps. When we're not dependent on code, I think we can scale apps faster and easier than before.”
Eric Tuvesson
Software Developer
“I'm so excited to help others embrace their creativity through Noodl, and to be part of the team that allows creators to bring their ideas to life through the magic of low-code.”
Katherine Cerrato
Growth Marketing Manager
“I've been lucky enough to work with students and people learning to create software. With Noodl I've witnessed young creative people learn so much in so short of a time.”
Victor Permild
Design Technologist
“I love working on creating genuine connections between Noodl solutions, the high level of craftsmanship as well as the possibility to give our Noodlers the amazing experiences they deserve.”
Daeun Jeong

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“Noodl is clearly the future of development.”

Nathan Folkman
Sr. Director Software, Samsung

“We were amazed by the iteration speed that was unlocked by Noodl. It translated to quicker live experiments, velocity of development, and convenient updates of an MVP in 3 weeks.”

Veronica Vicars
Founder @ NEXT, GSK