Noodl is going open source!

We are thrilled to announce that Noodl, the next gen low-code platform, is going open source! This significant shift will make Noodl the most extensive and powerful open source low-code assisted development platform available to developers, businesses, and organizations.

Page updated January 31, 2024.

What does it mean exactly?

Open Source Freedom

Full access to everything you need to build and deploy your applications.

Just bring your own hosting.

Expanded Functionality

Have a feature that would benefit the whole Noodl community? Submit a feature PR.

Want more control? Fork and modify the Noodl editor to fully fit your needs.

Steer the development

Positions to become a founding member of the project are open. 

If feature PRs are too small of a scope for you, this is your moment.

Transition to open source

Structure Overview

The code will be divided into three main parts. The first part focuses on building and running the Noodl editor, the second part addresses deployment and hosting of Noodl applications, and third handles the backend express server.

Licensing Approach

To cater to both community and commercial users, we're exploring three different licences. The editor component will be licensed under GPL3, encouraging collaboration and ongoing platform improvements. The deployment and hosting component will be licensed under Apache 2.0, enabling organizations to build, deploy, and host commercial Noodl applications while benefiting from community contributions. The backend express server will be licensed under MIT.

Become a founding member

Currently, active members of the Noodl community are being invited to become founding members of the Noodl open source project. Criteria is being established, but to qualify members will commit a certain level of time/resources to the success of the Noodl Open Source Project over the next 12 months.

Influence and Direction

Your role as a founding member allows you to actively contribute to the roadmap and features, ensuring that the platform aligns with your vision of an ideal low-code environment.

Community Recognition

Being part of a passionate community not only offers networking opportunities but also establishes you as a key player in the open source and low-code space, creating potential avenues for future collaborations.


Founding members will have access to marketing benefits such as public promotion, early influence on Noodl’s direction, and potential access to a pipeline of new customers.

Being part of the Noodl open source initiative means you have a say in the development of an advanced platform focused on the future of app development. It's not just about your contributions but also being part of a community where your input influences Noodl's direction. This involvement offers a chance to stay on top of tech advancements and connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate open source solutions. Being a Noodl founding member is about actively engaging in discussions that shape the future of digital creativity and contributing to a platform that empowers both individuals and organizations.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Existing Founding Members?
We will be announcing the founding members in January of 2024. So far we have commitments from Fortune 500s, SMEs, individual contributors, agencies, and more.


Over the next 6 months, we'll be transitioning to an open source model, with regular code releases for community access.

30 May
COMPLETE. Official announcement of Noodl transitioning to an open-core model. Self-hosting applications are now free, previously priced at $299/month.
Fall / Winter
COMPLETE. The first code releases of Noodl will be published, allowing the community to start exploring, and improving the platform.

The call for founding members begins.
CURRENT. Completion of the transition to an open-source model. Noodl will be available under open-source licenses.

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