May 19, 2023

Breaking Boundaries with Noodl AI: A New Era in Low-Code App Development Arrives

Contributed by James Haliburton,
Co-founder and CEO

I'm thrilled to introduce you to our latest groundbreaking innovation in low-code app development: Noodl AI.

As a game-changer in the software development landscape, Noodl's visual low-code platform has been empowering enterprises like AT&T and Haleon, SMEs, and startups to accelerate software development by 5X to 10X. Today, we're taking it to the next level by integrating AI capabilities with Noodl AI.

Noodl AI in action

The AI Bar, Noodl AI's core feature, is set to revolutionize app development by automating a wide array of tasks, from UI creation and content development to API integrations and complex queries. Non-coders and subject matter experts can now build truly custom functionality for business-critical applications.

Think of Noodl’s visual programming environment as a box of Lego building blocks for app development. Now, Noodl AI means you can create any type of block you can imagine just by asking for it.

Users can create custom apps like CRMs, logistics applications, field worker apps, and customer portals, by orchestrating AI-generated and manually created nodes to deliver scalable and high-performance solutions.

Software developers will also benefit from Noodl AI's output, with access to fully editable code through the integrated VS-code editor.

AI-ify your existing digital assets

One of the remarkable features of Noodl AI is its ability to securely draw from internal knowledge bases, design systems, APIs, and databases. This empowers developers to create bespoke solutions tailored to their organization's unique requirements and fully utilize their existing resources. By integrating these internal assets, Noodl AI ensures that users can create powerful and contextually relevant applications.

IT Approved

In addition to providing a secure, fully composable architecture, on-prem builds, and an elegant tech stack integration, Noodl AI is an LLM-agnostic platform, supporting OpenAI out of the box and a roadmap that includes Google's PaLM, Amazon's Bedrock, and any preferred internal or open-source LLM. This flexibility ensures our customers maintain full control over their IT environment while still benefiting from the power of AI.

Noodl’s visual programming approach is the perfect model for working with LLMs and allows users to harness the power of rapidly evolving releases and stay current with each new generation's capabilities.

What can Noodl users expect from Noodl AI?

  • Boundless creativity and capability: Create any functionality you can imagine, unshackled by templates or libraries.
  • Continuous growth: Keep pace with your preferred LLM, leveraging our unique visual abstraction model.
  • Empowerment across skill levels: Non-coders gain the same power as low-coders, and low-coders receive the same boost as regular coders with copilot.

Our mission is to erase the boundaries between idea and market. We believe that no one should miss market opportunities due to a lack of developers, designers, or other resources.

Try it out

Noodl AI is currently in closed beta, but we invite you to join our waitlist and be among the first to experience this revolutionary leap in low-code app development. Together, let's redefine the future of software development!

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