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Design, build & launch with limitless low-code

Noodl’s low-code platform creates high-performing teams of designers and developers working together in a single, powerful environment that can take ideas from prototype to production.

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A full stack low-code studio

Design & Frontend

Design and build dynamic front-ends with custom UI and logic for any device, using Noodl’s visual programming model.

Backend & Business Logic

Noodl’s native database and backend require no setup and let you get started quickly. Work with cloud data and logic directly in Noodl.

Deploy & Hosting

Deploy your project to your own custom domain. Noodl can host it for you or host it yourself on-premise.

Noodl AI Beta

Harness the power of AI accelerated low-code.

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Powerful Visual Programming

Unified visual programming for frontend and backend

Fluently move between working on frontend and backend using Noodl’s visual programming language. Build full-stack software in a way that is optimised for speed and cross-team collaboration.

Instant updates with live data inspection

See your data and logic come alive when connecting them to your UI components. All data flows are visualised live as you build or interact with your app, making handovers and debugging much easier.

Mix JavaScript and visual programming

Mix in JavaScript with a single click and blend flexible visual programming with code. Code is a first-class citizen, and supports powerful collaboration with non-coders.

Reusable and composable components

Build your own reusable UI & logic components from core nodes and existing components. Noodl’s component model is flexible and made to scale in the same way as regular code.

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UX Without Limits

Animations & Transitions

Style interaction states, animations, transitions and much more on each UI element.

Build directly on device

Use your phone or tablet as your preview device while you build with instant updates.

Text & Color

Easily organise your styles with built-in style management for color and text styles.


Design and Develop for all device sizes

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Accelerate Development

Flexible hosting for every need

Free sandboxes

Start any project by deploying to your free sandbox domains. Send these around and test them with stakeholders or customers from day one.

One-click deploy

Deploy your projects as soon as you have something that you want to test, share or put in production.

Flexible Deployment options

Export and host your project as you like, or use Noodl’s secure hosting service to house your project's front-end and database in AWS.

Multiple test environments

Streamline the development and release cycle by using multiple environments. Work on a dev environment, and deploy to a production environment as needed.

Dedicated solutions

Customised Compliance for organisations can be applied to different regulations. Contact us for more information.

Host on your premise

Host your application backend entirely on-prem without your end application connecting to Noodl servers.

Flexible hosting for every need

Never start from scratch


Use pre-made components (Prefabs) for both front-end and backend, to accelerate your development. Everything is made with Noodl nodes and can be modify/extended as you need with low-code.


Create large applications . Multiple pages. Lots of components. Sheets/Component management, folders, version control (see diff). Collaboration. Editor performance.


Noodl comes with loads of modules that allow you to integrate 3rd party services and APIs.

Build together in an unified environment

Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team by utilising Noodl’s built-in versioning control and project-sharing features.

Git version control

Noodl’s version control is powered by Git and allows branching, merging, visualising changes between commits and more.


Create and manage workspaces for different teams. Agencies can create private workspaces for each customer and control access to modules, design libraries, and backends.

Build together in an unified environment

Scales just as good as regular code


Top 5 Questions

What’s the output of Noodl?

Noodl produces standard React web apps. The result is a Single Page Application, that can be deployed by the user to any hosting provider, or deployed directly with the built-in Cloud Services.

How does Noodl handle complexity at scale?

Noodl handles large projects with similar structures used with code. Noodl’s component concept is similar to functions and classes in code, and can be arbitrarily nested, e.g. one component can use another component. These can then be structured in “sheets” and folders that reflect the architecture of your application. In addition to that you can create entire modules, a collection of components, that can be imported and shared between projects.

Can you build native applications in Noodl?

To build native apps with Noodl, we take a hybrid web app approach and leverage native container tools such as Cordova. There are other approaches to get your native app as well, and if you’re interested please reach out to us.

How do I start learning Noodl?

Simply download Noodl and join our Discord community and start asking anything you like
Use our Noodl video tutorials on our YouTube channel
Check out our documentation site for more guides, snippets, and tutorials.
Contact us to talk about webinars, training, and more.

What skill level is needed to get started with Noodl?

You don’t need to know any coding to get started with Noodl, but you should be open to developing some level of technical knowledge.
We’ve had users as young as 8 years old and seasoned full-stack software engineers using the platform.

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