Noodl includes free hosting to build and launch your MVP! Read more about hosting features.

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Noodl includes free hosting to build and launch your MVP! Read more about hosting features.

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Powerful creation.

Noodl’s low-code platform creates high performing teams of designers and developers working together in a single, powerful environment that can take ideas from prototype to production.

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Nodes Panel

Create apps fast with a visual approach to UI and logic.

Visual Data Flow
See how connectivity and data is floating in a project while building. Making project handover and debugging much easier.
UI Component Kit
Start building right away with pre designed UI controls that can be customized to your need.
Customize Everything
With advanced style and layout properties there are not limits to what you can build.

Powered by the Noodl cloud from day one

One-click deploy
Deploy your projects as soon as you have something that you want to test, share or put in production.
Open source backend
The open source backend supports apps with database, user management and access control.
Advanced team collaboration
Collaborate with your team by utilising Noodl’s built-in version control and project sharing features.
Noodl branch - database
Noodl custom Function code

Scalable apps at your fingertips

Driven by React
Noodl is build on React which ensures fast and reliable rendering and opens doors to litany of React libraries.
Integrate Anything
Missing a node or specific technology? Noodl is built to make it easy to integrate external React and JavaScript libraries.
Extend with JavaScript
Custom javascript is always at your hand if a specific task or integration is better solved the regular way.

Open Source Modules

Noodl is constantly being expanded which makes working with intergrations as easy as dropping a node.

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open source modules

Develop skills that will last you a lifetime

Noodl users build more than click-through prototypes and landing pages. They learn how to truly shape software and ship full-stack web applications.  

Because the Noodl model is based on real coding principles abstracted into a visual way of working, you will develop fundamental software skills like working with APIs, iterative development processes, data, analytics, content management systems, and more - all without the need of code.

The knowledge you develop using Noodl will continue to scale with your professional journey, enabling you to become a pro software creator without limits.
Basic Concepts in Noodl
Learn about nodes, connections, components and other basic concepts in Noodl.
Task list app
Learn how to build a simple task list app with a real backend using Noodl's Cloud Services
Survey App
Learn how to build a multi page survey app with custom UI components and simple navigation.

Other reasons to use Noodl

Snippets and
Figma to Noodl
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Variants & reusable
Preview on device
while building
any device
Text and
color styles


Top 5 Questions

What’s the output of Noodl?

Noodl produces standard React web apps. The result is a Single Page Application that can be deployed by the user to any hosting provider, or deployed directly with the built in Cloud Services.

How does Noodl handle complexity at scale?

Noodl handles large projects with similar structures used with code. Noodl’s component concept is similar to functions and classes in code, and can be arbitrarily nested, e.g. one component can use another component. These can then be structured in “sheets” and folders that reflect the architecture of your application. In addition to that you can create entire modules, a collection of components, that can be imported and shared between projects.

Can you build native applications in Noodl?

To build native apps with Noodl, we take a hybrid web app approach and leverage native container tools such as Cordova. There are other approaches to get your native app as well, and if you’re interested please reach out to us.

How do I start learning Noodl?

Simply download Noodl and join our Discord community and start asking anything you like
Use our Noodl video tutorials on our YouTube channel
Check out our documentation site for more guides, snippets, and tutorials Contact us to talk about webinars, training, and more.

What skill level is needed to get started with Noodl?

You don’t need to know any coding to get started with Noodl, but you should be open to developing some level of technical knowledge.We’ve had users as young as 8 years old and seasoned full-stack software engineers using the platform.

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Work visually without code

Extend with 3rd party modules

Develop, deploy, and iterate rapidly

From prototype to MVP to scalable app, you can implement custom  designs with Noodl’s visual programming model.
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