Noodl Startup Accelerator

Enhance your team with our proficiency and we will assist in achieving a scalable, substantial application launch in just a few weeks.

Helping build better products at:

Go from zero to scalable MVP in 4 weeks

Accelerate with our external expertise.

Access a lean, high-performing Noodl team that fixes all the plumbing and fills the gaps.

Turn your existing experts into super producers.

Our experts will ensure your team retains control, ownership, and swiftly iterates with minimal friction.

Supercharge everyone with
an AI-assisted dev platform.

Accelerate and cut costs with Noodl's AI-powered, open source, low-code platform.

Veronica Vicars
Founder, NEXT, GSK
“We were amazed by the iteration speed that was unlocked by Noodl. It translated to quicker live experiments, velocity of development, and convenient updates of an MVP in 3 weeks.”
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10x faster time to market
App + custom hosting

What is Noodl Accelerator?

A combined services & platform engagement that streamlines your path to a high-quality application without the overhead of sourcing a large development team.

Full-stack solution team for rapid development

Our Solution Team offers a custom package of comprehensive services, including backend development, SEO, project management, and design. We also provide superior hosting solutions, security, performance monitoring, and backup recovery on platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our skilled DevOps team guarantees continuous integration, configuration management, performance optimization, and automated testing to strengthen your digital presence and elevate your business.

Powerful AI-assisted development platform

Noodl AI revolutionizes app development by exploiting Large Language Models (LLMs) in no-code and low-code contexts. Custom building blocks can be generated using simple text prompts, simplifying development and making it accessible to all skill levels. Multiple AI commands can be used to create JavaScript logic, interact with databases, and generate UI components.

The platform supports custom LLM endpoints, offering regulatory, performance, and pricing flexibility.

Built on a open sourced, scalable, and collaborative foundation

The Noodl model utilizes open-source, visual programming and industry-standard technology, like React, Git, and MongoDB, to empower collaboration between our team and your in-house developers and domain experts.

This model promotes ownership via self-hosting, asset leveraging, and workspace management tools, enhances customization with reusable modules, and facilitates learning with thorough onboarding and self-learning programs.

A simple, cost-effective engagement model

Our efficient engagement model provides all-inclusive solutions at a fraction of regular costs. We offer personalized services including managed hosting, app development, and DevOps for fast project starts, collaboration opportunities, and full project management.

The Noodl platform ensures SLA compliance, premium module access, AI development capabilities, and dedicated support for your every step to success.

Here's how it works

We help you identify and scope a fast-launch project to get you operational and scaling quickly.

Our experts collaborate closely with your team, filling any gaps needed.

We integrate any existing assets, data, APIs, and designs into a unified, scalable application.

We use the Noodl platform to accelerate and enhance a lean, iterative development process.

Daniel Olausson
Co-founder, Prodikt
“A few months ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed that we could have developed our product this quickly. Noodl has enabled us to get the high quality, modern product that the market requires.”
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$250K estimated savings in just the first 6 months
4x faster app development