hesti: Using Noodl's Low-Code and AI to accelerate sustainable home development

Project length
Team size
1,5 FTE development team
Case study
August 15, 2023

hesti: Using Noodl's Low-Code and AI to accelerate sustainable home development

hesti, a UK-based startup leveraged Noodl's low-code platform and AI to develop a solution that aims to solve the housing and climate crisis. The solution works as a planning tool that produces highly accurate feasibility studies from both public and private data sources in the sustainable home development field.

While the team had limited experience with software development, Noodl enabled the two hesti founders, Adria and Henry, to bring their vision to life in a matter of months without compromising on functionality or user experience.


  • Solving Global Challenges: hesti utilized Noodl to address housing and climate crises by optimizing sustainable home development by merging advanced data layers for accurate feasibility.
  • Low-Code + AI empowerment: Despite the founding team being domain experts with limited coding experience, they build their fully functional MVP in a matter of months with help from Noodl’s AI assisted low-code.
  • Geo Data Enhancement: Noodl's Mapbox node became a cornerstone in hesti’s solution, which required advanced mapping features, direct manipulation of polygons routing, and more.
“Noodl provides a great way to develop a project from idea all the way through to fully functioning software. It is a perfect solution to starting a software project with little to no experience but with the piece of mind that what you are building is scalable and can be easily understood and picked up by someone with genuine software experience."
Henry Mayell, Co-Founder & COO at Hesti

The Challenge

Bridging two Crises with technological innovation

hesti emerged at the intersection of two global challenges that contradict each other. The housing shortage and the climate crisis, of which the construction industry is one of the main contributors. The urgent need to speed up home construction, while also reducing its carbon footprint, calls for a flexible and creative approach to delivering housing solutions that are both environmentally friendly and affordable. And this is where hesti aims to contribute. 

Confronting software development challenges

Though members of the hesti team had engineering and entrepreneurial backgrounds, tangible software development experience was limited. The pivotal challenge was translating the hesti vision into an efficient, user-friendly application. They needed to build a SaaS application that could present a vast array of complex data from multiple APIs in an easily accessible format for clients in the home building industry. 

The Solution

Empowering non-coders: Noodl's low-code acceleration

Noodl proved to be the perfect ally for hesti, accelerating the app's development without needing an extensive background in coding. Especially the quick creation of UI and logic enabled the founders to materialize their ideas rapidly from day one and iterate continuously to closely measure and identify the value their application could bring to the target audience.

Efficiency through Low-Code and AI Integration

The fusion of low-code and AI proved to be a highly effective approach for more complex tasks, such as handling multiple data layers, geo-mapping features, routing functionalities, and in general handling multiple APIs. The team rapidly acquired experience in prompting engineering, which enabled them to effectively harness AI's capabilities to integrate both diverse and complex data sources.

"The incorporation of data layers from so many different providers through their APIs has certainly been a challenge – but as we grew more proficient at prompt engineering (asking the AI the right questions in the right way), we’ve become more efficient at incorporating the different data sources."
- Adria Tarrida, Co-founder at hesti

Enhancing Geo data with Mapbox

hesti's reliance on geographic data led them to leverage Noodl’s distinctive Mapbox Mapbox module, which greatly increased the team’s pace of development in this area, and when more advanced map features like polygons, routing, and data layers were needed, Noodl’s flexible way to add custom javascript assisted by AI, ensured there was no blocking in terms of functionality

The hesti project demonstrates the power of leaning on low-code assisted by AI capabilities to fill in technological gaps. Noodl provided an opportunity for a team of non-coders to build a SaaS application from scratch, enabling a quick and cost-effective way to evaluate their MVP with potential customers, make necessary iterations, and work towards a product they knew would be market-ready.


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