Noodl AI release
August 21, 2023

Get ready to transform your app development experience with Noodl AI 🚀

Noodl AI presents the most powerful use of Large Language Models (LLMs) for no-code and low-code app development. It allows you to generate custom building blocks from simple text prompts, simplifying the development process. By playing on, and amplifying, the strengths of current LLM models, Noodl AI becomes truly valuable in developing real-world custom applications. Prepare to embark on a journey into the future of app development with Noodl AI at your side.

Easily create JavaScript logic, handle API calls, interact with databases, and generate UI elements. Our goal is to make the development process more inclusive and accessible for a bigger range of skill sets. Whether you're an experienced developer or a beginner, Noodl AI is here to support you throughout your app development journey.

AI Commands

Noodl AI introduces a range of powerful AI commands that enable seamless integration of AI capabilities into your app development process.

Noodl AI has the following commands:

  • /Function: Generate custom JavaScript functions with flexibility, following Noodl’s best practices. Refine and modify code with ease, leveraging AI insights. Utilize the AI Chat and Properties tabs for code explanation, refinement, and manual modifications.
  • /Read from database: Make complex queries to your connected Noodl database using simple text prompts. Perform calculations and process data efficiently.
  • /Write to database: Create or update data in the Noodl database. This command supports complex updates based on simple text prompts and allows data processing before saving. It creates an AI Query node, similar to the AI Function node, but with distinct internal rules, while offering identical features in the AI Chat and Properties tabs from the user's perspective.
  • /UI: This is an experimental command good for generating UI sketches and quick prototypes. Give it a try and please reach out to us if you have any thoughts on future developments. The `/UI` command is used to generate visual nodes from a text prompt, including groups, columns, buttons, text inputs, checkboxes, images, and dropdown nodes. Annotate your components for AI use and create reusable design system elements.
  • /Image: This is an experimental command and is still both limited and unpolished. Please reach out to us if you have any thoughts on future developments. Create stunning Dall-E-generated images with a single command. Bring visual creativity to your projects.
    Please note that all prompts are sent to OpenAI, including AI annotations and data models, but they will not be used to train OpenAI's models. The command is experimental, and feedback on future developments is appreciated.

LLM agnostic

To simplify the beta phase, the public version of Noodl AI is currently limited to GPT-3.5/4. However, Noodl is designed to support custom LLM endpoints, allowing for flexibility in terms of compliance, regulations, performance, or pricing.

We are actively seeking teams to test customized solutions. If you're interested in utilizing a different LLM or your own knowledge base, please reach out to us.

Noodl AI access

All Noodl users have access to the beta version of Noodl AI, which includes generative features powered by OpenAIs GPT. However, as these models come with associated costs, we have divided the Noodl AI beta into two modes:

Limited Beta is free for all users and is based on GPT-3.5. As this model is not as advanced as GPT-4, this mode only supports very limited AI features.

Full Beta is based on GPT-4 and requires you to input a GPT-4 API key from OpenAI. This AI mode includes all generative features and provides significantly better results.

Please note that the performance of AI commands varies between the two modes due to the different capabilities of the GPT versions. For optimal results, we recommend using the Full Beta mode.

Getting started with Noodl AI:

To get started with Noodl AI, make sure you have version 2.8.6 or higher of the Noodl editor installed. If your editor hasn't automatically updated, you can download the latest version from the Noodl Console. Once you open a project, you'll find the AI bar in the top left corner of the node canvas. You can toggle between beta modes and customize your AI preferences in the Editor Settings.

Start exploring Noodl AI today and unlock the full potential of generative magic in your app development projects.

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