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December 8, 2022

Missing Pet App. How to Build a Web Application Using Noodl in less than a day

Using Noodl’s low-code platform, startups, product and innovation teams can rapidly get started building real applications, deploy them on the enterprise cloud, run experiments, gather user data, and launch it fast and often.

The missing pet app
is an example app built with Noodl to demonstrate how easy it is to get started building a real working web application without having access to a large development team, by using Noodl.

Thanks to Noodl’s built-in backend, modules and deploy services we were able to build and deploy a complete web application including multiple pages, QR scanner, an interactive map, and a backend for reading and writing data in less than half a day.

What does our Missing Pet App include?

The main screens includes features to do a database search on the IDs of missing pets, either from an input field or by using a QR scanner. If there is a match, all information about the pet is shown with controls to set the pet’s status to be found.

The map page shows avatars of all registered pets, their last seen location, and the status of whenever they have been found or still are missing.

Lastly, the register page enables the user to register a new missing pet by uploading an image, fill in name, pet id, description, and the last seen location on an interactive map.  

What Technology Did We Use?

To build this app, we leveraged three main technologies:

  • We made an interactive map feature using the Mapbox Module for both logging locations, as well as displaying avatars and their locations on the map.
  • We added the QR Scanner Module for scanning pets’ collars to perform database searches on the scanned ID.
  • We also utilized Noodl’s built-in backend capabilities based on Parse and AWS, to store and update data.
  • Finally, we used Nood’s built-in Deploy Service to quickly deploy the webapp on a sharable url to be launched on both mobile and desktop devices

If you’d like to know more about how to build custom web apps and experiences with Noodl reach out to us.

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