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Mapbox Module

Mapbox is a leading provider of maps and tools to work with location data and custom maps in web applications. With the Mapbox Module, you can quickly insert an interactive map into your Noodl projects, and access all the Mapbox features needed to build map-based experiences.

Noodl has out-of-the-box support for quickly working with coordinates, custom map styles, and placing markers onto the map.

How to get started

Create an account on to get an access-token, which is needed to use the module in Noodl. Afterward, see our Mapbox tutorials to get started.

What is a Noodl

A Noodl module is a specific third-party technology or library turned into nodes. Import a module into Noodl from the Library button in the tool.

Do you have a specific technology or integration you want to use in Noodl? Check out the documentation below.

Create your own Noodl moduleRequest an integrations or module

Noodl Integrations

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