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February 10, 2022

Create a Google Sheets App with Noodl

With the Google Sheets module, it has become even easier to use data in your Noodl apps, prototypes, or experiments.

Our new Google Sheets module lets you read data you’ve made public and use it to build your Noodl app. This module is perfect for driving CMS systems for prototypes, MVPs, or small applications. You can keep all your app's content in a Google sheet, making it easy to update and build.

Google Sheets is one of the most effective data storage and management tools. Integrate it with Noodl to automatically synchronise data into your apps or use it as a simple CMS system, keeping all your app's content in a Google sheet, making it easy to update and build.

See it in action

Using our Google Sheets module, you can create a Noodl app with an interactive list of all the US national parks. All of the data and image references come from a public Google Sheet. Follow along with our guides to build it yourself.

When you’re done, you can customise the UX or swap out the Google Sheet to use your data. Create a list of profiles, real-estate listings, your photo library. Then, the sky’s the limit!

Check out US National Parks App Sample App Guide.

Get creative!

One other example using the Noodl Google Sheets module is the “Suatch” colour selector, built around colour data. We use Google sheets to categorise different colours and drive all the data in the app from there.

You can try this out as a template here

Guides and documentation

To learn more about using the Google Sheets module, check out the video guide and read more on our docs.

Browse other modules or request a module here.

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