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What is a Noodl module?

A Noodl module is specific technology or library turned into nodes. Import them to Noodl from the Library button in the tool.

Have a specific technology you want to use in Noodl? Check out the documentation below.

Core modules

Date Picker

This module contains a simple button that launches a date picker, for both desktop and mobile.

User Management

Contains nodes for user sign up and log in, working with persistent user data, and more.

Web Camera Module

Use this module to get access to device camera streams for your Noodl web apps.

Third party modules

Form Validation

Using YUP to easily do advanced validation for form inputs.


Make it easy too communicate with external API:s through GraphQl. The module provides a node to easily fetch data from a GraphQL endpoint.

i18next Translation

Module for using i18next in Noodl. The module has three nodes, i18next, Language Bundle and Translation.


Use Lottie in your Noodl projects, to easily add high quality animations. Lottie makes it possible to render Adobe After Effect animations in realtime.  


Contains a node that enables the use of Markdown in Noodl.

Material UI Icon

Get the popular Material UI Icon font as a node in Noodl.


Expand Noodl to receive and send messages via the MQTT protocol. This makes it easy to communicate wirelessly with hardware and other devices.   

Google Analytics

Track user behavior with Google Analytics.

Google Sheets

This module allows you to read, sort and filter data stored in a public Google Sheet.


This module adds support for maps and location technology through Mapbox.

Early access modules


A flexible way to to do charts and visualizations in Noodl.

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