Accelerating Enterprise Innovation at Haleon with Noodl

Project length
Team size
1,5 FTE development team
Case study
October 3, 2023

Accelerating Enterprise Innovation at Haleon with Noodl

In a bid to deliver a pioneering women's health platform, Haleon’s innovation squad, the NEXT team, forged a collaboration with Noodl. Their shared objective was clear: accelerate the transition from blueprint to market-ready product while meticulously aligning with the demanding enterprise IT standards that underpin Haleon’s operations.

The challenge

This project faced significant complexities as it aimed to achieve a smooth launch across diverse geographic regions, each with its own unique regulatory frameworks. Additionally, the requirement for internal Azure-hosting and seamless integration with external CMS systems to deliver personalized content to users added additional layers of difficulty. These strict requirements called for a combination of rapid execution and adherence to enterprise IT protocols.

Strategy and Execution

The cornerstone of the strategy was established through early market tests and Proof of Concepts (POCs). These initial steps provided a strong foundation for understanding market dynamics and user preferences. Progressing to the execution phase, a separate staging environment was created outside of Haleon's operational domain. This environment acted as a sandbox for development, testing, and refinements, ensuring a systematic workflow. It played a crucial role in facilitating a seamless transition of the project to the internal, IT-controlled processes within Haleon for rigorous review, validation, and eventually, deployment.

Balanced Speed with Functionality

Striking a balance between swift execution, functionality, and design integrity was imperative. The synergy between Haleon and Noodl enabled the incorporation of rapid validation strategies and user-centric development methodologies. This approach not only ensured a seamless and engaging user experience but also ensured that the rigorous enterprise IT and legal requisites were not sidestepped.

Transition and Future Growth

Upon reaching the developmental milestones, a structured workflow was enacted for the seamless transition of the project to Haleon's internal and partner teams. This transition adhered to the stringent enterprise IT protocols, ensuring that the platform was well-poised for future scalability and expansions. It highlighted how a well-orchestrated collaboration could set a robust foundation for managing enterprise IT demands, while also accelerating the time-to-market.

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