AWS Design-driven POC with Noodl

Amazon Web Services
Project length
2 months
Team size
1,5 FTE development team
Case study
June 30, 2021

AWS Design-driven POC with Noodl

AWS offers a vast range of services to power today’s web, including compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality. The multitude of offerings to developers, designers, managers, regulators, and other stakeholders requires numerous perspectives to be considered when introducing new features or designs to the platform.

Due to the highly dynamic and data-driven experiences that are offered, basic click-through prototypes do not elicit enough feedback from user tests or internal stakeholder reviews, nor create nuanced requirements for scoping and planning purposes.

AWS worked with a Noodl partner team to enable the realisation of complex designs in dynamic proofs of concept (POCs) to be built at a very sophisticated technical level without having to invest in long development cycles or significant code development.

A competitive market requires competitive approaches

Cloud computing has few players and staying ahead of the competition is vital. Customers range from single individuals to Fortune 100 companies and governments. Core capabilities, ecosystem, and developer experiences are critical factors to success.

Changes in cloud computing platforms aren’t made lightly and have massive implications. New experiences have to be validated and tested in depth before it’s viable to orchestrate the production implementation efforts. 

New features and designs have to be tested and iterated with direct feedback from multiple users and roles to prove their validity and effectiveness.

Addressing complex platform, complex decision making

Cross-team collaboration is facilitated by having one single source of truth that makes designs that challenge the status quo tangible and digestible without extensive meetings and documentation.

Since production environments are rarely suitable for quick iteration of critical experiences, Noodl can fill that role and enable fast iteration from high level ideas to granular experiences.

AWS reached internal alignment and buy-in with the Noodl POCs and was able to complete numerous iterations and demonstrate value through user testing before investing in the follow-up production phases.

Leveraging Noodl

Noodl was used as an integral part of the design process to facilitate ideation, communication and testing.POCs were updated daily, and iterations we’re implemented at a rapid pace.Qualitative user research was used for getting feedback directly from users, as well as proving the validity of the final design, and overall directions.

Unlocking decisions and ways forward

A great design that was ready to be moved into the larger organization for implementation, including many ideas that would've been regarded as too risky if they haven't already been tested and validated through Noodl POCs.

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