Build custom surveys, questionnaires or quiz web apps.

Gathering customer feedback? Creating engaging marketing experiences? Testing a new market and need real insights? Creating custom quizzes and surveys with Noodl that connect you with your customers might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Build your app with Noodl

Why build custom quizzes and surveys?

Build unique brand engagement

No matter if you’re marketing an existing brand or testing a new market with a survey or quiz, you should be able to build experiences that look and feel like yours.

Requirements on data handling

Working with customer and user data can be sensitive and your team or organization might have particular requirements on what is collected or exposed. Noodl has been used to collect results anonymously and with custom database integrations.

Test new markets

Measure everything! Answers and knowledge, demographics, personas, A/B test patterns, and more. Creating flexible surveys and quizzes are powerful tools in understanding where and when to invest in your next great idea.

Building quizzes and surveys can greatly increase engagement.

  • Determine your brand and UX goals and customize your app.
  • Drive traffic with ads and keywords.
  • Measure your engagement with analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Mixpanel. Read more.

Analyze your users and market.

Define your idea and design.

Develop your quiz or survey with Noodl.

Deploy with one click.

Test with real users and iterate.


We have pre-made solutions for helping
you to get started with one click

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We have pre-made solutions for helping
you to get started with one click
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Benefits of using Noodl

Accelerate your ability to reach real users and use real technologies

While there are no shortage of cookie-cutter survey builders online, using Noodl will be the fastestest way to create custom engagement.

Reduce your reliance on sourcing developers

Anyone can be a Noodler. Product managers, designers, excel hackers, and software engineers themselves all can use Noodl. Train your team or bring in a Noodl expert to get started.

Noodl is built for scale and it's coder-friendly

If you know even just a bit of javascript, you’ll love what you can do in Noodl.  You don’t have to code in Noodl, but you can, and this lets both coders and non-coders do what they do best! It also makes Noodl the best platform for cross-functional collaboration.

Prototypes and experiments are production grade so you can ship early and often

Noodl is production-grade from day one. That means even when you're building your first prototype, you can deploy your work any time you want. Users and stakeholders and give you rich data and feedback that's crucial in those early days.

Modules and Integrations


This module adds support for maps and location technology through Mapbox.

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