Release Notes
January 19, 2022

Release Notes - Polishing the new release (Noodl 2.4.2)

This release addresses issues that's been reported in our last major release. Thanks to everyone who helped us by reporting bugs!

Beyond bug fixing, we managed to squeeze in a few new features as well.

And don't miss the new "Custom HTML" module that allows you to embed HTML anywhere in the Noodl visual tree. Great for youtube embeds and much more:


  • Dropdown: Now supports a placeholder text. Shown when no item has been selected.
  • Condition node: The "Result" output is now called "Is True" and a new "Is False" output has been added

Bug fixes

  • Preview window now stays where it is, and won't move after being hidden and then shown (like when making a connection between two nodes
  • Fixed bug in String Mapper node that caused it to not send any output value
  • Fixed bug in Component Object and Parent Component Object nodes where output values weren't sent
  • The update popup that prompts you to install the new version could sometimes cause issues. This is now fixed, so your next update experience will be smoother
  • Fixed bug in text style picker where fonts sometimes weren't rendered correctly
  • Navigate node now updates correctly when a Page or Page Router is renamed
  • Fixed rare bug with line height and text styles
  • Query Records and Filter Record: fix for the "contain" operation in a filter
  • Slider: Setting a starting value could cause the output to behave incorrectly. This now works as expected.
  • Text Input: Fixed a rare case where it could cause a cyclic loop
  • Data nodes that has their "Id Source" set to "From repeater" now won't allow you to make a connect to their "Id" input
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