Release Notes
September 15, 2022

Release Notes - Noodl 2.6.4 (Biangbiang)

Noodl got a new look with an updated color theme! We've given Noodl a fresh coat of paint with improved contrast.

Updated color theme

Noodl Editor notifications got a brand new UI as well

Updated toast system

Other notable features:

  • Improved editor performance for large projects

Bug fixes:

  • Slider: Maximum and minimum values are now respected when setting values programmatically
  • Slider: Fixed bug where the output value wouldn't update in some circumstances
  • Color styles in text styles now work properly

We've also tweaked the limits for the free version of Noodl:

  • Maximum number of collaborators per workspace: 2
  • Maximum number of active sandbox deploys per project: 2
  • Maximum number of active cloud services per workspace: 2

Note that you can have unlimited workspaces.

Trials are available upon request, so please contact us to upgrade your plan.

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