Release Notes
March 17, 2022

Release Notes - Noodl 2.5 (Soba)

Noodl 2.5 (Soba) comes with the following new features:

  • Support for custom domains. The deploy popup has a new design to support this and has several improvements over the previous design
  • Comments! Add comments to your node graphs. Our examples and templates have been updated with comments as well.

Documentation updates:

  • More guides and interactive tutorials


  • Sandbox domains are now * instead of *

Bug fixes:

  • Slider: fixed bug where the slider sometimes reset to the start value after 
  • User node and Set User Properties node can now handle files, dates and pointers
  • Text Input: the Clear action now works when a text input has focus 
  • Better support for URLs without hashes (e.g. instead of Configurable from project settings in the editor)

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