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Release Notes
September 2, 2021

Release Notes - Noodl 2.3.1

Get ready for Noodl 2.3.1. This release focuses on polishing the version control feature, adding some styling properties, and bug fixes. This release also supports the upcoming Figma plugin which will be available shortly, so stay tuned.

New styling properties

  • New property on all visual nodes: Blend Mode. You can now do blend modes like multiply, screen, darken, and many more
  • Image: Added border properties, such as border radius, border color, and border size.
  • Text: Added `em` unit for letter spacing
  • Text: Added `px` and `%` units for line height
  • Text: New case property for transform text to uppercase, lowercase and capitalized (called "Title" in some tools)
  • Text styles: Can now control letter spacing property as well

Version control updates

Some minor tweaks to the behavior:

  • Now you can manually check for updates from team members, and Noodl will tell you when it last checked for updates. This was previously handled automatically by Noodl, but could cause some confusion in certain cases.
  • Error messages have been updated
  • Branches that are local only (haven't been pushed) now show a "Not pushed" status message
  • If a push fails, for example when a team member pushed an just update moments before, you can now choose to push all local commits again, without creating a new commit

And bug fixes:

  • Branches deleted by other team members will be now be pruned correctly
  • Fixed some potential merge issues on Windows

Bug fixes

  • Noodl editor window can now be properly "unmaximized" after having maximized it
  • Custom CSS classes now work on the following nodes: Button, Checkbox, Fieldset, Form, Label, Options, Radiobutton, Radiobutton Group, Range
  • Model node: hovering on a model node in the editor will show the data of that model (if it has data loaded)

...and support for upcoming Figma plugin

We're excited about the first version of the Figma plugin. We're going through the final steps before publishing it, and Noodl 2.3.1 will be the first version to support it.

Read more about in here: https://docs.noodl.net/2.3/#/guides/figma

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