Release Notes
February 10, 2022

Release Notes - Noodl 2.3

We are very excited to finally be able to share release notes for Version 2.3. A lot of good new stuff has made it to this release with changes that affect collaboration, workflow, working with layouts, and accessibility of the created applications. 

Have a look at what's new: 

Collaboration Sidebar with version control (git)

We have changed how cloud projects are handled. They are now backed by Git and we have a new interface in the side panel for handling version control in Noodl. You can inspect differences between two commits, create branches, merge, and reset changes, etc. This will only apply to new projects, old projects will still use the old system. 

Follow this guide to see how you can revert to use the new system with old projects:

Native UI nodes 

We have expanded the visual node family with nodes for native input controls. Button, Checkbox, Options, Radio Button, Radio Button Group, Label, Form, Range, and Field Set are the new nodes you can now find in Noodl. With these nodes, it’s now a lot easier to create design systems that have better accessibility support through using and skinning native controls.

Check out this guide to learn more about how to use the new controls when building design systems:

Date Input Module

Need to work with dates? We now have a Date Input Module that gives you a new UI control for picking dates. You can load it in from the library side panel. This Module is also used in the new version of SDS. 

Updated SDS

SDS, our simple design system, has been updated to use all the new Native UI controls and date input modules. We also simplified how color styling is done to the components, so you only need to specify one main color. 

New properties for layout controls

There are more layout options available to make your layouts easier to achieve.

  • Group sizes are now more flexible and it’s easier to control if they should adapt to fill empty space, expand to grow with their children, or be a fixed size. 
  • Groups have more control over their children's alignment
  • Alignment now works in almost any situation, including on visual nodes with the default “In Layout” position setting
  • New “Sticky” position setting allows visual nodes to stay inside the boundary of a Group with scrolling, so it won’t scroll outside of the scroll container.

There are a few minor changes that are not backward compatible, so please reach out on Discord or email, if you experience bugs after updating. 

Check out our new layout guide that covers how to use the new controls:


We added new tooltips to explain some of the concepts around the layout in the property panel. We will continue expanding the editor with more Tooltips. 

Validation Module 

If you work with an application that includes lots of forms, we now come to your rescue with a new validation module that makes it much easier to set up conditions, error messages, etc, for forms. 

Check out our guide to learn more:

CRUD template

We have our first Project template for those of you who want to work with data-heavy applications and work with classic features for creating, reading, updating, and deleting data from a database through tables and forms. 

Check out our video walkthroughs and learn how to import the template here:

Cyclic loop warning

Noodl has a new warning type that will detect infinite loops and the nodes causing it will be highlighted.

Custom “head” code

It’s now possible to add HTML to the <head> of the produced web app. Useful for adding custom meta tags, or code snippets provided by analytics services.

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