Release Notes
February 8, 2022

Release Notes - Build 30: External Parse, Global styles, more examples!

Design system

There is now a new project template that includes a simple design system, i.e. a UI Kit with many different components and examples of how to use them. Let us know how you use it and what you build with it! At us on twitter @getnoodl

Fabulous color and text styles

You can create both color and text styles globally in your project that can later be used where you need that and then managed in one place. Pretty neat!

ToDo application sample

A new sample application and a whole bunch of video tutorials that shows you how to modify the sample in different ways.


Lot’s of rendering optimizations, the resulting React code is now waaaay faster.

Parse backend

  • Support for using your external Parse backend!
  • Support for text search in query collection
  • File upload now works in Parse and files are stored in S3

Then there's a few smaller items

  • NEW NODES!!! Component state / parent component state: a new powerful way of getting values between parent and child component.
  • Set dimension constraints on nodes (min/max width/height)
  • Focus event on groups, for handling when clicking outside elements (Group now has a "Focus Lost" output under "Pointer Events". It's triggered when you first click on an element inside the group, or the group itself, and then sometime later click outside. For dismissing popups, dropdowns, etc)
  • Switch node behaves a little bit different, you can now connect to State directly, just like a states node.


  • Navigation back/forward UI
  • Collapsable property groups

Squishing bugs 🐜

  • Fixed nasty bug in editor where projects stopped saving after sleep mode
  • Web router bugfix where sometimes a blank white screen would appear on reload
  • Mobile web-app navigation module; fix for white screen issue, now supports “back actions”
  • Star Coffee bugfixes; collections are created when template is created
  • Fixed small bug in collaboration view
  • Small bugfixes in Boolean To String node & States node

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