Release Notes
February 8, 2022

Release Notes - Build 23: Dancing with the Parse

Build 23, shall we dance? 💃

This last week we've continued our enamoured tango with Parse db. We might have stepped on some toes a couple of times - but tbh we are more used to foxtrot.

Inspection of nodes

  • NEW: Hover on nodes to inspect their "main" value. An Image node will preview the image, a Switch node will show the current state etc. Some nodes like Group, have no info to show, hit us up on Slack to tell us how much that sucks and what we should show there!

Cloud Services

  • Added Parse dashboard button in cloud services popup 🌦
  • Parse dashboard opens in a new Electron window
  • The data panel have been removed in favour of the dashboard
  • Changes  to the syntax of the query collection filters (advanced) to be a bit more readable and also to support Parse pointers
  • FIX: Noodl won't launch Parse dashboard on keyboard shortcut if legacy non-parse backend is selected

Parse is recently integrated so stay tuned for documentation on all the new stuff.

Noodl SDK

  • Updated noodl-sdk so modules can define what to show in the hover popup. (Stay tuned for updated guides).

GraphQL module

  • NEW: GraphQL module now available for use in all projects.


  • FIX: Fixed multiline textAlignX for Text nodes
  • Removed links to play store and app store (we don't have anything there yet, sry 'bout that)

What happened to build 22?

Build 22 was pushed out Thursday Sept 10th. It was a hotfix 🔥 release that fixed a critical bug with signals not being sent properly when creating nodes dynamically.

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