Release Notes
February 8, 2022

Release Notes - Build 21: The vice build

It's build 21.

I guess this is the blackjack build. Or if you're in the US, you can now go get legally smashed at the bar. This build seems full of vice - enjoy responsibly.

New features

- A new button in the Noodl property panel opens a deep link to the documentation
- Integrated fork of Parse dashboard (Cmd/Ctrl+P to open it up, button in UI coming soon)
- Finalized User Management module + docs (the folder name has changed, so if you import the new module to a project using the old module, you need to manually delete the old folder)

Hovering over connections

- Hovering on a signal now shows how many times it's been triggered instead of "false"
- Values when hovering on a connection are now reset when the viewer is reloaded
- Hover on connections now show outputs, not inputs

UI bug fixes

- Node labels can now be arbitrarily long and will word wrap (as a side effect you can do comments that way)
- The panel with the module list is now responsive to support longer modules names

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