Release Notes/Announcement
January 18, 2023

Noodl 2.7 (Momofuku) Introducing Prefabs

Noodl 2.7 (codenamed “Momofuku”) introduces an important new concept that will improve your productivity called “prefabs”, it also has some features to help you organize projects better and a few general improvements.


A new concept is introduced called Prefabs, it is pre-fabricated components that you can easily clone into your project as a starting point for building a wide range of user interfaces. You can also find guides helping you to take these prefabs and customize them to suit your own specific needs. Read more about Prefabs and how to use them.


To make it easier to organize your project and to create custom components we have enabled the possibility to move components into other components just like folders. This can make components that are dependent on other components to function move self-sustainable.

Editable array inputs

Nodes with array type inputs can now be edited directly from the property panel. This makes it easier to provide static data. You can provide any javascript which means you can run computations, fetch variables, etc.

New project templates

This release comes with updated project templates to handle some of the common navigation structures for web apps. Previous project templates have been moved to the examples section of the documentation.

Download Noodl 2.7

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