Release Announcement
January 18, 2023

Noodl 2.6 (Biangbiang) Introduces a powerful code editor

Noodl 2.6 (Biangbiang) is unlocking a hybrid no-code/low-code environment for web app development with powerful new code editor capabilities, better documentation and workflow optimizations.

New code editor

The improved editor unlocks new possibilities for using code and mixing it with Noodl's core nodes - from copy/paste code snippets to complex javascript development.

The updated Noodl code editor is now based on VSCode, so software devs should feel right at home.

Some features include:

  • Improved syntax highlighting
  • Search and replace
  • Customization of themes and font sizes
  • Code formatting and indentation help

Enhanced node graph visualisations

We have enhanced how data is visualized in the node graph, making it easier to develop digital experiences powered by your data.

New documentation site

Noodl 2.6 also comes with a complete redesign of our documentation page, making it easier to browse, guides, videos, node documentation and more.

New module library

We added a new way to browse modules to easily bring in third-party-services and pre-made Noodl components into your projects.

Unlock best-in-class hybrid no-code/low-code workflows and new designer + developer collaboration opportunities so that you can build and launch better digital products and experiences faster.

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