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Release Announcement
March 23, 2022

Release Announcement - Noodl 2.5 (Soba)

With its 2.5 (Soba) release, Noodl is updating its deploy features. The updates make it even easier to develop your app iteratively and shrink the time from idea to published feature.

The updated deploy contains the following features:

  • Free hosting of both backend and frontend for your app
  • Ability to deploy to your own Custom Domain or a Noodl sandbox domain (* with just a few mouse clicks
  • Maintaining multiple backends and databases for your app, for example one for your dev environment and one for your production environment. You configure each deploy to use the appropriate backend
  • The option to deploy your Noodl app to a local folder for further on-premise hosting options

This updated deploy feature, together with the built-in version control with support for branching and merging (powered by Git) and analytics modules, makes it super easy to implement modern production practices such as A/B testing, data-driven experimentation approaches.

Soba also includes new node graph comments, a fun feature that allows you to write comments in your node graph to make your code easier to maintain and help the rest of the team understand what you’ve been noodling.

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