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December 5, 2023

Noodl's Strategic Restructuring: Transitioning to a New Era of Open Source and Decentralization

As we announce a pivotal restructuring at Noodl, we are charting a course towards a more open, collaborative future. This transition, though it presents significant challenges, is a necessary step in the evolution of Noodl, with Future Platforms AB playing a central role in this new chapter and paving the way for enhanced collaboration with our contributing partners and helping us grow the Noodl ecosystem.

Reflecting on Our Team’s Contribution

The journey of Noodl has been shaped by the commitment and innovation of our team. However, over the coming months we will be downsizing the team to be focused solely on the management of the open source project. This restructuring is a difficult but essential decision, made with the long-term success of Noodl in mind. Some of our team members will be transitioning to ventures that continue to support and enrich the Noodl ecosystem in diverse ways.

The Shift to Open Source and Decentralization

Future Platforms AB is set to evolve from its current service-oriented role to primarily managing the open source Noodl project. This strategic shift is aimed at resolving the conflict between service commitments and our focus on Noodl’s development, thereby enhancing our mission’s clarity and effectiveness.

In embracing an open source model, we differentiate ourselves from venture capital-driven platforms like Bubble or Uiflow. Our approach prioritizes long-term innovation, community engagement, and user-centric development. This mirrors the successes of transformative open source software frameworks which have thrived due to their decentralized, community-driven models.

Our Roadmap and Timeline

  • Management Transition and Steering Committee: Future Platforms AB will guide the open source project until the end of summer 2024. Following this, we will transition to a mixed steering committee, comprising members from Future Platforms AB and other key contributors.
  • Company Structure Evaluation: Over the next six months, we will explore the right company structure for Noodl’s management, considering options like an open-source collective or a new non-profit organization.
  • Partner-Driven Commercial Growth: Our partners will gain access to a pipeline of projects, leads, marketing opportunities, and the chance to promote themselves as key contributors and founding members.
  • Service Commitments and Client Support: We will fulfill current services under contract directly. Major open source releases planned for early 2024 may lead to changes in licensing and self-hosting arrangements for clients, with potential implications for refunds on certain licenses.

Join Us on This Journey

Through December, we will invite active members of the Noodl commuity to join us, sharing a vision for an innovative, open-source future. Criteria for membership and involvement in an advisory committee will be detailed, offering a unique opportunity to influence and contribute to Noodl's growth.

We approach this restructuring with a deep sense of responsibility and optimism, grateful for the dedication of our team at Future Platforms AB, and the support of our community. Together, we look forward to forging a path towards a vibrant open source future for Noodl.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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