Release Notes
January 25, 2023

Release Notes - Noodl 2.8 (Juanfen)

Noodl 2.8 (Juanfen) is introducing the long awaited capability to create backend logic directly in Noodl. This is done using “Cloud functions”, and uses the same noodling model as frontend components. This is a significant step in the evolution of the platform and Noodl is now one of the fastest and most complete full-stack low-code development environment. We are very excited about this release, it’s the best one yet.

Cloud Functions

Create logic components that run on the backend, in the Noodl Cloud Services. This opens up a host of new possibilities that previously required either using an external service (like Zapier) or writing code and deploying it separately outside of Noodl.

Use cloud functions to sign up users with external services (like OAuth), do complex database lookups faster and more efficently, schedule background jobs, and much more, at Noodl-speed, and deploy to your app with a single click.

A brand new design

The editor interface has gone through a face lift to increase consistency and clarity. We have also added a couple of new features that lay the groundwork for the versions to come during 2023 . Most notably, the Component Canvas has been replaced with a Preview Canvas, letting you navigate your app with a new path dropdown that shows all your pages, and inspect it in different device sizes. Use the new design mode (similar to the “inspect” button in previous versions) to select UI elements and revealed them in the editor.

Updated version control interface

Noodl's version control system just got a lot better. The whole version control UX has been redesigned to be faster and has much more functionality, and brings you more of the power features of Git, like enhanced merging and diffing, right inside of the Noodl editor. Check out the new guide.

More complete Javascript API

This release allows power users to be even more powerful by providing a more complete JavaScript API. Anything you can do with a node and connections, you can now do inside of the Function and Script nodes. For those of you that feel comfortable whipping out your coding skills, go nuts.

Updated interactive lessons

New interactive lessons introduce you to Noodling in a more thorough and modern way. If you are new to Noodl this is the perfect way to get started, and if you are already a seasoned Noodler you might still learn something about the new features here.

A new project template

With great features come great templates. There’s a new template that includes frontend and cloud functions for signing up users and verifying their email, something that can now be handled completely within Noodl thanks to the new cloud functions. Read this guide if you want to add email verification to your existing application.

Download Noodl 2.8

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