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April 19, 2022

New Noodl team member, Konstantin Aistre

We are happy to welcome Konstantin to the Noodl team!

Konstantin joins Noodl as a Software Developer with a focus on product design and development.

He first came into contact with Noodl in 2017 and with his solid background in software development, digital design, and media art from multiple studios and agencies, he saw the potential in a more expressive medium for software development.

With his strong interest in art, creative problem solving, and coding, Konstantin comes with many perspectives on how processes between design and development can be rethought in the future tools of software creation.

There are so many companies trying to solve these problems, but they do it through an old lens. Noodl is a fresh approach without the burdens of the past. It addresses so much more than just the toolchain: It’s a truly innovative tool, because it can bridge disciplines, create new roles and break silos.”

Join the Noodl Discord server and you can say hi to Konstantin (or Kotte as he’s called there) and the rest of the Noodl team.

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