Unlock the future of
application development
with AI-powered

Unlock the future of web app creation
with AI-powered
visual development

Harness the power of AI with Noodl

Our cutting-edge platform leverages AI to generate building blocks, seamlessly integrating them into our battle-tested, scalable framework. Experience unparalleled speed, flexibility, and efficiency in your app development process.

Step into the future of app creation with Noodl. It's more than just low-code; it's an innovative approach that transforms the way you build apps.

Magically create UI, functions, database queries and more.

Unlock lightning-fast iteration.

Beat competition on time-to-market and cut your own costs.

Domain experts create enterprise-grade AI generated software.

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Noodl AI - AI powered low code | Product Hunt
“Noodl is just incredible, especially now with AI aided code to quickly make custom functions. I am not a coder, but i managed to build a full working app in a few weeks. Love it.”
Bjørn Karmann
Senior Designer
“Amazing tool, Low-code meets AI 🤯. The future is now! I've been using 🍜Noodl and the AI feature for a while now.”
John Ferreira
Product Designer, Social Entrepreneur
“When I get stuck with the code, Noodl AI can help me produce what's missing and debug the code block. It's the perfect compromise between a full-code IDE and the visual no-coding concept, better than any other platform I've tried (and I've tried them all).”
Richard Osborne
Web engineer, consultant & teacher
“It does require some code to be effective, but with the new AI features this should not be a blocker for non coders.”
Byron Hsu
Co-founder CTO, Paragon One
“By adding the AI feature, Noodl becomes an incredible product, accelerating every aspect of the development in many ways and more. One of the best tool & developer experience in the no-code & low-code ecosystem”
Guillaume Maison
CTO Freelance
“Best low code tool for ultra fast development and iteration - visual pleasing interface, responsive, fun.”
Arne Nostitz-Rieneck
“I have been closely following Noodl for some time now and have witnessed its remarkable growth, making it one of the most promising low-code tools available in the market.”
Nuno Poco
Marketing and Sales Tech Enthusiast
“I have been playing around with Noodl for the past year or so and I'm amazed by the platform's flexibility. Coming from other no-code/low-code tools I'm slowly making the transition to Noodl as the platform of choice for building my clients' apps.”
Thabo Makhobotloane
Shamfa Technologies