Looking into 2021 for Noodl

Looking into 2021 for Noodl

A message from James, CEO and Co-founder at Noodl.


Earlier in this insane year, our team made a commitment to turn Noodl (what was essentially an amazing internal dev platform) into something that can transform how people around the world create software.

Are we crazy to do this now? A little. But as we spend more and more time online - whether it's because of productivity needs, or because a damn pandemic means virtual hugs is as good as it gets - the mission to create better software in better ways takes on increased meaning.

These last few months have led us down a road of self-discovery. WTF is Noodl, anyway? Well, we've at least figured out what we're not...


1. Low code feels a bit... gross.

It turns out all the other low-code players make things simpler by just reducing what you can do compared to traditional coding. This is not the ethos at Noodl. We make things faster and easier by giving you a better model of working - not stripping out the power from the software creator.


2. We're not grandpa's IDE.

Sorry to say it, but way too much time is still spent in Visual Studio or Eclipse. Admittedly, there's still a big role for these platforms - but better approaches to web tech development is emerging. Next year, we want more of you developers who think no dynamic or powerful apps or web experiences can be built in anything but your traditional coding environment to give Noodl a try and see that we're challenging the software development model for you as well as the aspiring software creators out there.


3. You're not just driving a go-kart, push the limits of your sports car.

Some truly awesome experiences are created, prototyped, and tested in Noodl. We definitely don't want you to stop pushing those boundaries - we want you to push beyond them even further. Almost everything created in Noodl is on its way to being shippable. With Noodl, you're allowed to live the dream that prototyping and production is a seamless process that anyone can be a part of.

I don't think we've locked down our "category" quite yet, but our commitment into 2021 and beyond will be the best platform to create software for web tech. From prototype to maintaining a scalable, data-heavy apps.

Give Noodl a try today and let us know what you think. We have a big release coming out in January and there's still a chance to sneak some design and feature updates in.

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