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Create amazing software.
Faster, better, and without limits.

Do more than what you thought was possible.

For the aspiring coder.

Empower designers to build production code, and turn junior devs into fullstack engineers. Everyone works in the same environment, no more wasting time on costly and time consuming handovers.

For the fullstack engineer.

Create modules and components in Noodl to extend capabilities and abstract specific functionality and make it more accessible and faster to work with.


Noodl is a unified, continuous design & development platform for building new digital products and experiences.

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It’s simple. The faster you get real tech to real deployments, the more you can do with your time, and the better your app will be.

Design to Deploy Workflow

Noodl is perfect for deploying early experiments that you iteratively evolve into pilots and final deployments.

UI Component Library

Build fast with Noodl’s build-in component library to drag and drop UI components, which can be custimized in anyway.

Designing On Device

Open your Noodl projects on any device while building to get live feedback on the target device.

Early Tech Experimentation

Noodl makes sketching with technology feasible, and serves as a conductor in the technology orchestra.


Just because you want to work smarter, shouldn’t mean you sacrifice control of your tech or the experiences you create.

Visual Data Flow

See how connectivity and data is floating in a project while building. Making project handover and debugging much easier.

Driven by React

Noodl is build on React which ensures fast and reliable rendering and opens doors to litany of React libraries.

Device Connectivity

Have a IoT project in mind? Noodl comes with capabilities to easily receive and send data to micro controllers via MQTT.

Custom Javascript

Custom javascript is always at your hand if a specific task or integration is better solved the regular way.

Integrate Anything

Missing a node or specific technology? Noodl is built to make it easy to integrate external React and JavaScript libraries.

Open Source Modules

Noodl is constantly being expanded which makes working with intergrations as easy as dropping a node.


We don’t live in a waterfall world anymore. Data, users, deployments need to be available to your process from minute-one.

Integrated Database

Noodl's backend capabilities are built on Parse, and gives easy access to a database for your apps.

Built-in user management

Keep track of users with built-in user management nodes to create custom sign-in and sign up flows.

Deploy from minute one

Deploy your projects as soon as you have something that you want to test, share or put in production.

Cross team collaboration

Collaborate with your team by utilising Noodl’s build-in versioning control and project sharing features.

Models & Collections

Control data from client to server easier than ever with Noodl’s build-in Model and Collection nodes.

Some good reasons to Noodl.

Design Systems

Noodl has been used in several different companies to create, maintain and evolve design systems. By using a tool like Noodl to manage your design system your designers can own the system in every step, from design to actual implementation and bug-fixing.

Emerging Technology

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Dynamic Data

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Design to Deploy workflow

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“We were amazed by the iteration speed that was unlocked by Noodl. It translated to quicker live experiments, velocity of development, and convenient updates of an MVP in 3 weeks.”

Veronica Vicars
Founder @ NEXT, GSK

“The speed and flexibility of Noodl sets us apart from our competition. It allows design, and an iterative approach to thrive in an engineering-centric culture.”

Miho Momonoi,

“Noodl is clearly the future of development.”

Nathan Folkman
Sr. Director Software, Samsung

“Going from prototype to production is no longer a huge lift. With Noodl, we are able to unlock customer engagements that may not have been viable business in the past.”

George White
Chief Innovation Officer @ Cantina

Seven tools to help you build a killer MVP

Take a look at seven no-code tools to build your killer MVP

The primary purpose of your MVP, or minimally viable product, is to save time and effort by testing how the market reacts to your big ideas before investing time to build your complete vision.

If you’re looking to raise a pre-seed or seed investment round, having an MVP with some positive signals is a great way to earn a better valuation.

Your MVP product should be made simple, uncomplicated, and inexpensive.

However, what you put in the hands of users needs to have enough meat on the bones so that the data and market signals you get from releasing it provide you with actionable next steps to improve your digital product or service.

Benefits of releasing an MVP include:

  • Validate hypotheses about product ideas with real-world data
  • Reduces the time it takes for new feature releases to hit the market
  • Evaluate market demand for products without significant investment in time or money

Take a look at seven no-code tools to build your killer MVP:


Webflow is a visual editing tool that allows users to create responsive websites without knowing how to code. Webflow automatically generates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the user uses the drag and drop interface. This allows you to quickly design pixel-perfect websites with responsive layouts. You can also combine additional tools such as Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and various other marketing analysis tools if you're a marketer. Webflow could become very handy for someone who does not know much about the technology required to build a website and for people who have previously used a site builder such as Wix or Weebly but want more control over the appearance and feel of their site.


Typeform makes it easy to create online polls and collect feedback from your audience. It is user-friendly and has many aesthetically pleasing features, fonts, and colours that can easily attract the target user's attention. In addition, it's a web-based platform that allows you to develop everything from surveys to apps without even writing a single line of code.

You can also upload videos and images to the form. However, there are some restrictions. For example, there is always a Typeform link at the end of the survey, and the solution is only available on the web platform.


Noodl is a powerful all-in-one no-code platform that offers free built-in hosting services and one-click deployment. In addition, it gracefully allows coders to collaborate with no-coders for advanced features and capabilities. Noodl apps are full-fledged web apps used from prototype to production by startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

The backend of Noodl is based on Parse and MongoDB, providing scalable databases for all of your apps - this means you can scale your MVP as soon as you need to.

And as your team grows, there are built-in version control and project sharing features based on Git.

Rather than relying on a limited drag-and-drop interface, Noodl employs data and nodes as its main building pieces. This gives you infinite flexibility and allows you to quickly build sophisticated custom apps without losing functionality or sacrificing user experience.

Noodl offers free hosting and plans that startups can take advantage of.


HotJar provides a "big picture" of how to improve your website's user experience and performance/conversion rates by combining both analytics and feedback capabilities. HotJar can be used to learn about the behaviour and preferences of your website users. It has a tracking feature that allows you to collect insights about your users. Hotjar's state-of-the-art analytics tools are designed specifically for marketers and product managers to understand and visualise user behaviour and how it affects your product. The app includes session recording, an in-app editor for sending notes to guests, and detailed analysis data.

Google Analytics

If you have a website but don't use Google Analytics, you're missing out on valuable data. Its data can play a vital role in building a reliable MVP for your company. When making decisions, take advantage of insights around customer traffic, conversion funnels, bounce rates, number of sessions and users per day, etc.


Zapier is a no-code application that can automate repetitive operations between two or more apps. Zapier instructs another app to perform (or perform) specific actions when an event occurs in one app. It is also referred to as an internet bridge as it can automate the operation between two apps without the need for coding. For example, Zapier can instruct an app to perform a task in response to an event in another app. You can do this by creating a "zap" that consists of triggers and actions.

When you activate  Zap, the trigger performs the specified action. For example, if you write an article on your blog,  Zapier can automatically send you social posts.


Airtable is essentially a database collaboration tool that requires no programming. However, you can use database blocks as app components. The Airtable dashboard has an "Apps" button that guides you through setting up your app development environment.


Thanks to the power of no-code and low-code technology, entrepreneurs who don’t have years of software development background (and even technical entrepreneurs, too!) can now test their ideas without the cost and time demanded of more traditional development approaches.

Using modern platforms opens up a world where imagination is the only limit to realising your vision.

Building an MVP with no-code or low-code means you can:

  • Validate your business sooner
  • Take decisions informed by data
  • Speed up your product development
  • Massively reduce costs

Want an experienced advisor to help you plan your MVP? Noodl offers free advisory sessions from successful entrepreneurs who have been there themselves.

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