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Noodl includes free hosting to build and launch your MVP! Read more about hosting features.

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Build faster & smarter.

Noodl is the low-code platform where designers + developers build custom applications and experiences.

Helping build better products at
Samsung - encoura - aws - dascena - snorble - Walmart - Prodikt
Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture

Work visually without code

Extend with 3rd party modules

Develop, deploy, and iterate rapidly

From prototype to MVP to scalable app, you can implement custom  designs with Noodl’s visual programming model.

Applications built with Noodl

Noodl is used by startups and innovation teams to transform ideas into scalable products and businesses.

Visual programming for devs & designers.

Noodl’s visual programming environment accelerates the development of custom apps.

It is low-code that devs love, and no-code without creative limits.

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Host your app with Noodl

Noodl’s built-in hosting services makes deploying your app to users a breeze.

A world of third party integrations.

Noodl comes with loads of modules (plugins) that allow you to integrate 3rd party services and APIs. Want a custom integration? Write your own or request one from the Noodl team!

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“Noodl is the go-to platform for teaching our design students to design and create fully functional applications.”

Fabian Hemmert
PhD, Prof. of Interface and UX Design, University of Wuppertal

“Noodl is clearly the future of development.”

Nathan Folkman
Sr. Director Software, Samsung

What will you build first?

Start with templates, explore use cases or follow tutorials to get started with your first Noodl project.

Free for the community.
Enterprise plans available.
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