Empower students to be future software creators.

Noodl provides educators with a free next-gen platform that empowers students to create web applications with modern web technology faster than any other platform.

Introduce students to the concepts of programming, encourage the design and prototyping of ideas, and empower the next generation of software creators.

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Noodl is enterprise and institution ready.

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"What I can teach in just one week with Noodl would take me an entire semester with traditional coding approaches."

Fabian Hemmert, PhD, Prof. of Interface and UX Design,
University of Wuppertal
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“We were amazed by the iteration speed that was unlocked by Noodl. It translated to quicker live experiments, velocity of development, and convenient updates of an MVP in 3 weeks.”
Veronica Vicars,
FounderNEXT, GSK
“Noodl is the go-to platform for teaching our design students to design and create fully functional applications."
Fabian Hemmert, PhD, Prof. of Interface and UX Design, University of Wuppertal

Introduce students to programming, visually.

Teach the logic of programming with a visual approach to data, logic and UI development.

Build real web apps

Noodl abstracts React, HTML and CSS, into a visual language of nodes and connections that makes the architecture and data flow of an app more explicit.

Free hosting and backend

Teach programming that utilises backends and data relations with Noodl’s built-in cloud services. No setup needed.
Students can deploy and host their projects for free!

Onboard students to Javascript

Noodl provides an on-ramp to learn Javascript alongside the visual paradigm when students are ready. Create custom code that easily integrates with rest of the Noodl node model.

Extend and customise learning paths

Noodl easily integrates third party APIs and comes with a long list of modules out of the box. Empower students with MQTT, geolocation, QR codes, databases, and more.

Noodl benefits for the classroom

Remote learning & collaboration features.
Comment directly in student Noodl projects.
Free professional-grade database.
No tricky setup.
Start building right away.
Free cloud services and hosting for students.
Unlimited experiment environments (sandboxes).

Prepare students for innovation careers

Orchestrate technologies like Lego pieces with nodes and modules for quick experimentation and prototyping.

Focus on ideas and experimentation

Get design students productive with programming superpowers, so they can focus on ideas and experimentation rather than fighting with syntax and configurations

Prototype rapidly on any device with one click.

Noodl is a perfect partner for phone-in-a-box prototypes, as on click deploy for any device with a browser makes it fast to get interactive prototypes out of the desktop.

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