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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most used analytics tools for web pages and web apps and this module enables you to send events to your Google Analytics project from within your Noodl app.

This means that you can get detailed analytics about which pages your users visit the most, where your users are from, etc, etc. More or less anything can be tracked and then analysed in the standard Google Analytics tool.

How to get started

Get started quickly by following this guide that shows you how to configure your Google Analytics project to and which nodes to use in Noodl to start tracking the usage of your app.

What is a Noodl

A Noodl module is a specific third-party technology or library turned into nodes. Import a module into Noodl from the Library button in the tool.

Do you have a specific technology or integration you want to use in Noodl? Check out the documentation below.

Create your own Noodl moduleRequest an integrations or module

Noodl Integrations

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