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Carrers at Noodl

Software Engineer

We’re looking for a Software Engineer to help build out the Noodl platform and make our customers successful.

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Greater Copenhagen and Malmö area with mixed remote and on-site work.

About Noodl

We're extending our team to accelerate towards our goal of perfecting the process of design-driven digital product development!  

Noodl is a unified, continuous design & development platform for building new digital products and experiences. Our platform abstracts web technologies into a more visual paradigm that empowers designers, technologists, and experienced engineers to collaborate in a common environment continuously.

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As a fast growing platform, Noodl is being adopted in many different ways, from citizen developers that execute ideas with almost zero code experience, to big companies that need to test real ideas with real users super fast.     

About the role

As a Software Engineer at Noodl you will be working on the platform full stack. All members of the development team try to work broadly across all aspects of the platform from the editor, to web interfaces, to backend and supporting cloud services.

You may lean towards front-end or backend development but experience with both is required.

What you will be doing

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How to apply

Please send a brief letter about yourself, your previous experiences and your future goals, together with samples of your work. Any GitHub projects or other portfolio you would like to share are always welcome.

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